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Therapy process


2 main segments during the session :

1 – The chat segment, taking place at the desk.
2 – The treatment segment, taking place in an area of the cabinet specially installed for this purpose



A structured consultation :

An EPRTH™ consultation lasts 90 minutes.
Unless specific cases, you'll be received by your EPRTH™ therapists every 3 weeks.
EPRTH™ consultations are very structured. No waiting times. A sequence of always identical sessions.

How the treatment segment work :

EPRTH ™ treatment mainly uses eye scanning, but not only.
Why Eye Scan? Because it is the natural gateway to the emotional brain, towards the reprocessing of sensory information



Is there a risk?

No risk. Your emotional brain is in charge of your survival. The survival of your body. There is no risk of it becoming hazardous due to the EPRTH ™ treatment. EPRTH ™ has been used for nearly 20 years on hundreds of patients.
The EPRTH ™ allows, on the contrary, the harmonization of the different parts of your brain (the conscious and the unconscious). You retake control of your life.

Will the therapist use the eye scan from the first session?

From the first session, you will be treated in EPRTH ™.
From the first session, you will have positive results on your condition.
Of course, the first meeting chat being a little longer, the time dedicated to treatment will be a bit shorter, at least for the first consultation. This is also necessary for the conditioning of your Emotional Brain.

Is there a risk that disorders that were treated with EPRTH ™ will return later on?
If the trauma is "punctual": attack, aggression, miscarriage, etc. It can often be treated in 2 sessions, without any risk of subsequent reactivation.

It sometimes happens that a physical (non-lesional) or psychological disorder has been built on several traumas, over the course of life. If this is the case, the EPRTH ™ therapist must desensitize all these traumas, including the founding trauma, so that the healing is final. This can sometimes be done in very few sessions, as several traumas can be treated at once during the same session. Once this is done, there is no risk of subsequent reactivation