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The EPRTH™ method


The EPRTH™ is treating the emotional reaction(s) induced by the Survival Center (within the brain), generated by the hormones.

The EPRTH™ allow to appease the perturbated emotional and biological reaction(s) caused by a post-traumatic state. This particular approach induce a true "reset", a restart, of the biological system. The Survival Center will then understand that it can shut its alert state. The healing process is quick (can be immediate) and is free of any possible ulterior reactivation.

The EPRTH™ is a natural method, using, from other means, eyes movements therapy, following a strict and unique process linked to this very method. It isn't a necessity to be a psychotherapist or a doctor in order to follow the EPRTH™ courses. The EPRTH™ course is open to any health practitioner or personnel used to work under critical/crisis situation(s).

The EPRTH™ is also allowing a deprograming of bad emotional reaction(s), that took place in the brain, caused by a trauma, repeated stresses, or as a follow-up from various habits.

A short and quick therapy :

- 1 consultation every 3 weeks*.

The consultation last 90 minutes.

Cost :

- Depending of the area/country and the therapist.

- How many consultation : The amount of consultation is obviously different from a person to another. But a real amelioration will be felt and will be long lasting.

*But Stop Tobacco consultations.


What can EPRTH™ threat?

Various disorders*

Books about it :

"Sortir de l'anxiété avec l'EPRTH™" d’Ambre KALENE - Editions Bussière
"Concrétiser vos rêves" d’Ambre KALENE - Editions Bussière

The EPRTH™, its name and any affiliated ressources is a therapy under branded rights, created, designed and used on many patients over the last 15 years by Mrs Ambre KALENE. Swiss naturopathe.

An example of an EPRTH™ Consult.


*Excluding irreversible injuries.