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Legal notices


1) This site is the official website of the EPRTH ™ therapy

2) This therapy is only taught by society:


85 Great Portland street, First Floor,
London, W1W 7LT (UK)

Company No. 11054543

3) EPRTH ™ training courses are provided by :

Ms. Ambre Kalène
Creator and custodian of EPRTH ™ Therapy
Also competent in the following therapies:
Naturopathy (MCO), Aromatherapy (MCO), Nutrition (MCO), Phytotherapy (MCO) Practitioner DESCOPEM and Démélés, Cardiac Coherence Practitioner and Emotional Coherence.
Therapist recognized by ASCA - RCC ASCA - santésuisse N ° Y8033248
In case of impossibility for Mrs Ambre Kalène to provide this training. Another EPRTH ™ therapist designated by her / him will be able to provide the training, without modifying the terms of the training contract.

Communications, website publishing, e-learning and social management is handled by :

M. Rockenbauer Julien

4) The training fees indicated on the site are given in euros. They are not subject to VAT.

5) Training payments are made as follows: in 1 time or 5 or 10 monthly installments :
Only by Paypal.

6) Enrollment in a training course is guaranteed (except point 8) only after receipt of the training agreement signed by the student (sent by post) + the payment of the first installment. Failure to pay monthly payments may invalidate this registration.

7) However, if the training agreement and / or payment arrived after the expected number of participants had been reached for this training session, EPRTH ™ Ltd. May propose a different date and / or place of training in the same technique. If this new place and / or date is not suitable for the future student, the training agreement will automatically be canceled and the sums paid will be refunded in full.

8) The company EPRTH ™ Ltd. Reserves the right to refuse any registration to a training, without having to justify the reason. As soon as it seems to him that the person requesting this registration can not become an EPRTH ™ therapist according to the criteria necessary for this therapeutic practice fixed by Madame Ambre Kalène.

9) Any person who has signed a training agreement in EPRTH ™ undertakes to pay the full amount of the training, irrespective of whether he or she does not attend the training session for which he / she Inscribed. No sum will be reimbursed except in the case indicated in point 11.

10) Conditions for termination of the EPRTH ™ training agreement:
Only those who can justify a serious and sudden health problem (preventing them from attending training and / or practicing EPRTH ™ therapy) will be able to claim the cancellation of a training agreement with our company. They must then justify their request in writing. This application must also be accompanied by a medical certificate specifying the affection suffered by the person, and the words "makes it impossible to participate in the EPRTH ™ training of ... .. (Indication of dates and place)". We reserve the right to ask for a medical check-up.
In this case, and in this case only, the training agreement may be canceled. The sums paid will then be reimbursed with the exception of a fixed amount of 330, - € which will be retained by EPRTH ™ Ltd. To cover management and material costs.
Cancellations occurring less than 15 days before the first day of training will not be refunded and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by our company.

11) Any person who has signed a training agreement with our company, but who has not paid the full amount of the training for which he has committed to us, will be sued for non-payment before the legal authorities of his country .

12) In case of problems beyond our control, the place of training may be modified, without the company EPRTH ™ Ltd. Be held responsible. Another place will then be proposed, preferably in the same city or its surroundings.

13) During the course, the student will receive a complete course material on a digital tablet, as well as the basic material necessary for his / her practice (1 clip table + 3 ball pens).

14) The new EPRTH ™ therapist who has been trained should respect all the following points:
- The EPRTH ™ technique was created and filed by Ambre Kalène. This technique, its name and its logo are protected.
- During the 6-day training, the new therapist who received the Basic Training learned about a session of the EPRTH ™ technique.
He engages himself in :
- Respect the technique as it has been taught, and not disclose training materials to third parties.
- Not to intervene on medical treatment on the pretext of the EPRTH ™ technique.
He was also informed that:
- An EPRTH ™ session lasts 90 minutes, and follows a precise procedure that he / she undertakes to respect.
- In the event of a dispute over its therapeutic practice, neither Ambre Kalène, nor EPRTH ™ Ltd. nor the EPRTH ™ technique will be involved.

15) He / she is informed that:
The delivery of the training certificate to the EPRTH ™ technique gives him:
- The ability to receive patients and treat them with the EPRTH ™ technique for 1 year. 1 year during which he / she will have the possibility to follow hours of supervision (day or skype) and the additional training (s) he / she wishes, among the 16 proposed. Past this year, if he / she has not completed at least 10 hours of supervision + 1 Targeted supplementary training, he / she will no longer be able to avail himself of the EPRTH ™ technique on all his documents and means of communication , Or practicing the EPRTH ™ technique. In case of non-compliance with these points the therapist may be sued for unauthorized use of a protected trademark and patent.
- If he wishes to continue to practice EPRTH ™, the therapist must have followed at least 10 hours of supervision via skype (of which at least 5 during the 6 months following the basic training) + 1 targeted complementary training among the 16 proposed To EPRTH ™ therapists.

16) In order to remain a certified therapist and EPRTH ™ member, the therapist will have to pay the annual membership fee of 80, - €, (in 2015 likely to increase over the years) In the EPRTH ™ Therapists Directory, on

17) Only therapists who have reached the level of EPRTH ™ teacher can:
Give lectures, write a book or an article in the name of this technique.

18) If he wishes to become a teacher of EPRTH ™ technology, the therapist must:
- To remain an EPRTH ™ member since the end of the Basic Training.
- Give a brief on the treatment of 5 patients, each of whom will have received at least 5 consultations and who will be cured of the condition for which they consulted him. The submission will be as follows: Photocopies of the entire patient record as well as all the report sheets (typewritten) on each session + a brief conclusion.
- Follow the 16 targeted trainings + 1 tutoring of 5 days.

* The amount of the annual contribution has been set at January 1, 2014. This amount may increase significantly over the years. Therapists will be informed in due course.