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Online training

Self-paced distance learning


- Texts, videos

- The training is divided into mini sections. You can organize your training according to your availability.

- Each mini section ends with a MCQ (multiple-choice questionnaire) that allows you to take stock, and to go back over one or more points that you might not have assimilated.

- The training concludes with a distance consultation with Ambre Kalène, the founder of the EPRTH™ technique.

    • Consultation that will allow you to experience the EPRTH™ yourself as a patient.
    • You will also have the opportunity to ask Ambre Kalène questions, in order to deepen your understanding of the technique.

- The final exam is also taken remotely, under the supervision of Ambre Kalène. You will treat a "patient", a person close to you.

- After you pass the final exam, you can begin seeing patients in EPRTH™. We send you a certificate of competence, the small equipment useful for your technique, as well as the kit allowing you to receive remotely.

- You will benefit from 20 hours of supervision, via Skype, to present your current cases, so that Ambre can help you progress in the treatment of your clientele.


2500 € all included

Payable in 1, 5, or 10 times without fees

with Paypal / Credit Cards.

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