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Who can train in EPRTH™ ?

This training in EPRTH™ is directly accessible to health practitioners (including nurses and practitioners in complementary medicines).

If you are not a health practitioner, you can send us a training request see here

1) You are a health practitioner: Physician, Nurse, Therapist (in various therapies), Psychotherapist, Naturopath, Reflexologist, Gestalt-therapist, Coach, Yoga teacher, etc.

- You can directly partake in this course.
- You must provide us with a copy of one of your diplomas or training certificates, which must be attached to the training agreement that we will ask you to complete and return to us at the time of registration.

2) You are not a health practitioner :

- Go to the contact area, and let us know of your intention to register for our EPRTH™ online course.
- We will send you, by mail, a survey that will allow us to better define your expectations. You will return it completed, by mail, so that we can evaluate your candidacy.
- If your profile seems to be able to satisfy this training, we will offer you an appointment on Skype, one hour, in order to talk with a trainer who will determine with you if this training is for you. Note: This interview on skype is not free. 80 euros (non-refundable).



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