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EPRTH™ Therapist Training

The Training of a Therapist in EPRTH™ is articulated in 2 stages :

1st step :

6 days of Practical and theoretical basic training in the classroom, culminating in a final examination.

- At the end of these 6 days, you receive a certificate of competence that allows you to receive patients with EPRTH™.

2nd stage:

- You benefit from 20 hours of supervision with your trainer, via skype, as and when you need. Those supervisions allow you to present your new patient files to your trainer who will indicate the best approach possible. Supervision is essential because it allows you to familiarize yourself with the technique and allows the new practitioner to get the good reflexes that will accompany him throughout his practice. Thanks to skype, these supervisions do not ask you to move. You make your appointments via the member area of ​​the site, according to your needs.

- From the end of the first 10 hours of supervision, through skype, you receive your diploma of Therapist EPRTH™. You then have access, in self-service to the 16 Targeted trainings, in the form of e-learning. This access is unlimited.


Total price of training (2 steps): 2250 £ - Payable in 1, 5, or 10 times without fees with Paypal / Credit Cards / Checks.

EPRTH™ is a technique that allows the patient to be treated effectively and sustainably. Even after several years of treatment with EPRTH™, and even in subsequent confrontations, the aspects treated with EPRTH™ are definitely cured.
This training is available as part of continuing education, respecting the method and the person. A theoretical and practical knowledge check is carried out at the end of 6 days of training. In case of failure, the student will be able to follow the training once again* at a preferential rate (50% of the initial price), and to re-enroll in the final exams.

* Except as otherwise instructed by the trainer.


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